WIP Part 2..

Hot damn this bugger is taking forever.. Looking veeery sexy now though >_< hard to work on it for too long without getting very distracted...


Friend WIP

This is based on a very sexy friend of mine. He knows I'm doing it, don't worry. Of course I took some "creative liberties" though... :P

Any comments and criticism are appreciated.... As are donations so I can get the time to finish this. haha


Manga Practice!

This image was largely a trace-over of a frame from a manga called "Banana de Osteopathy". I made some alterations for mystyle of character but I'm basically just figuring out how to work with the line-art in Adobe Illustrator.

I'm also trying out some other programs specifically for manga, like Manga Studio EX 4. Illustrator is really not made for manga. It works ok, but I would like to get out of Adobe's cluttered interface and work with a tool that caters better to my needs.

Please donate if you can so that I can put more time into this stuff for you guys!


More cumming soon <3